Ode from Vole and Friends to the Planners
  Lake £ Aug 05 Picture by Alan Iwi

The Cloud Factory Chemist once stated

"I can dump what I like" so he prated

In Radley's Lakes, oh-so-clear

because it's not dear

with my pipeline and Planning X-rated


And so the Cloud Maker set out

On his campaign to destroy all about

If the leachate don't kill

The Chromium will -

But he'll be retired by time they find out!


On The Bullfield and Thrupp, he decreed

that there was just a very great need

To fill them with slurry -

in a bit of a hurry -

before the Orchids could seed.


They said Ratty and Moley and Toad,

could just go and live down the Road

at Eric's Reserve -

not what they deserve

at BBOWT 's impoverished abode!

  So Ratty and Moley and Toad,
having lost their lovely abode
Will quietly die
With a desperate sigh
And Radley won't get what they're owed

  We don’t want to bike, or go for a hike
To visit Dear Eric's oasis!
We've got our own site
where everything's right
So Planners give Radley some justice!