The 2005 Campaign



What Happened?


Who was in support?


What Happened next?




The 2005 Campaign started in May 2005 and was stalled in October 2005 when RWE NPower put their planning application into abeyance.

In the intervening six months, the campaign endeavoured to gain publicity.  NPower had an exhibition in the Village Hall and all they did was make an exhibition of themselves, by arriving late and not treating the exercise seriously.   They were beleagured and called for reinforcements when they found themselves with an extremely forceful vocal opposition.  Residents of Radley were invited to Didcot Power Station in July, but only four non-residents were allowed to visit. Nothing much was learned from this visit except to note the arrogance of the Power Station Management.

The Parish Council held an Extraordinary Meeting, Save Radley Lakes mounted their own exhibition, and campaigned throughout the Summer until the planning objection letters and reports were delivered in August 2005.

Save Radley Lakes Campaign was supported by various groups and the Radley Parish Council came out in support of Save Radley Lakes Campaign as did The Vale of  White Horse District Council and Abingdon Town Council.  Local people have been outraged by the plans and over eight thousand people have signed the petition which has yet to be handed to NPower.

Seven Hundred people objected to Oxfordshire County Council about NPower's Proposals and the level of objections received was apparently unprecedented.

Save Radley Lakes produced a huge objection and reports.


Then in February 2006, a bulletin was read out on Central TV saying that NPower had abandoned their plans to fill Radley's lakes with fuel ash.  This cleverly written piece of spin was designed by someone in their publicity department realising that most people only look at the opening paragraph and go to the bottom line.  This was spin at its best.  


Save Radley Lakes received a copy of NPower's new planning application.  They now had two planning applications before Oxfordshire County Council, because they have not, to our knowledge, withdrawn the first one.  The Campaign had to begin again in earnest with the seven hundred or so people who objected the first time being contacted to ask to make their objections known again to the current application.  In the event, over 3000 people objected and a petition with 11,500 names was presented both to NPower with a copy given to OCC.  This did not make one iota of difference.  The Officers had made up their minds and set about ensuring that NPower got their way.

In January 2007 Oxfordshire County Council gave NPower their permission after the Government Office for Communities and Local Government Community tossed the referred planning application back to them for referral.


Thrupp Lake February 2006