Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 21 March 2011


Peachcroft Christian Centre




The meeting was opened by Roger Thomas as Interim Chairman, who welcomed everyone present to what was effectively the  5th Annual General Meeeting of the group.

Alexis Pym attended on behalf of The Earth Trust and gave a brief history of how the name Northmoor Trust came to be adopted - from a road in Oxford where the founding members resided. The new name has been adopted to reflect the future aims of the Trust and the way they will act towards the environment.


Ms Pym explained the latest position of works at the Radley Lakes. The Lily Shelter and the Bird Hide have been completed. A circular path has been constructed, encompassing a bridge and a path across Mr Curtis' land. Mr Curtis has given his permission for this path, and there is a gate on to the Byway, which would be locked once a year in February to protect the permissive right of way.


The Circular Walk will be officially opened on the 17th June 2011 with Radley Primary Schoolchildren participating in this event.


Planned for the ensuing weeks were waymarker signs, walking maps, leaflets and a map on a board. There will be an electronic and paper newsletter for subscribers, and for children there will be an interactive wildlife game.

The Planning Application for the demolition of Sandles and the installation of a new building remains with the Vale of White Horse District Council. One objection has been received about the two way traffic in Thrupp Lake. This objection was received after the closing date but it will be considered by the Vale of White Horse as an important objection.

Roger Thomas gave a brief report of his term as Interim Chairman since taking over after the EGM in May 2010. He said the group have been working closely with The Earth Trust, there have been several working parties at Thrupp Lake, and it had been gratifying to see so many people coming forward from the community to volunteer. The area looks vastly improved. The brambles have been removed, the tennis court has been taken away, trees have been planted, the site cleared of rubbish, all thanks to a team of volunteers.


The Executive of FRL have been involved in the plans for the new centre; we pointed out the use of copper cladding as an architectural feature would be unlikely to survive and this has been changed, for example. We continue to be involved in the discussions as to the facilities which will be available.


The Planning Application has been delayed by queries on traffic and coaches turning and no work can take place to demolish the existing premises until the permission is received because it is located in the green belt.


The Chairman welcomed Jill Gant as membership secretary who was now the group's point of contact, and thanked the members of the Executive Committee for all their work in the past year.


The Treasurer, Lynda Pasquire, presented the Accounts for the year to 31st May 2010 and said that for this year, we had cut back on our usual level of fundraising as it was not clear as yet, for what purposes, any money being raised would be needed. The Campaign fundraisers also needed a break from five years of significant and sometimes frenetic activity. 

In the year to 31st May 2010 funds raised were paid to the Radley Parish Council, as promised, to contribute to a share of the costs incurred in the Judicial Review Process, which was finally withdrawn in February 2010. The outgoings on legal fees in the year amounted to £11,853.25.


The Treasurer thanked  the CPRE for acting as our Bankers in respect of the money raised for the legal fees and for the donation they made towards the legal fees.  The CPRE was an organisation that truly had the interests of the countryside at heart and she commended people to join the CPRE.

Thanks were also extended to Trevor Hyman for carrying out the audit of the accounts for the year to 31st May 2010.

The changes to the Constitution, as circulated previously were adopted.




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