Fifteen children from primary and secondary schools in Radley/Abingdon descended on No 10 Downing Street yesterday, 5th April, 2007, to deliver their own petitions to the Prime Minister in an effort to stop RWE NPower destroying Thrupp Lake and turning it into an ash dump.  One of the petitions contained over a thousand signatures obtained by the children in about two weeks - a very short time span.

Twenty six people took part in the delegation, who were met by Dr Evan Harris MP.  Six people were allowed to go inside the gates to the door of No 10 to present the petitions.

There were two children who wore the water vole costume.  On departure, it was Sophie Henderson to took the role for the photo-call and on arrival Fay Davidson, aged 9, who has regularly swum in the Bullfield Lake since she was a toddler, wore the costume for the cameras.

The fact that these youngsters have, of their own volition, set their own petitions to the Government, shows the depth of feeling within the community for the Radley Lakes and NPower have not taken account of the views of this future generation, but they are now making themselves well and truly heard.


  Petitioners crossing Whitehall.  

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