Northmoor Trust

Community Work Party

at Thrupp Lake

25th August 2010




The shelter is taking shape at Thrupp Lake but wasn't complete for the work party on the 25th August to use for their meal break.

Shelter is taking shape after a week's work

Picnic after a hard morning's work. 

It was a glorious day after the rain the night before, and the gate was on the top of the list.  Painted in Sherwood Green by a team of four people, has made the entrance start to look as if someone cares.  A further coat of paint is being delayed whilst decisions are made about the final requirements for the entrance gate.  Sadly a few insects decided to land on it whilst the paint was still wet - but that is one of the joys of the countryside.

During the lunchbreak the work party collected a huge amount of blackberries from the tennis court - these were to have been removed earlier but were homes to dozens of nesting birds.  The removal has been delayed until after the nesting season is over, and the blackberries area bonus for the volunteers who visited to help. 

The brambles were cleared on the byway next to the Bullfield entrance.  A new fence, like the one already installed is planned to replace the wire netting fence which is there at present.  Having cleared the brambles, it has made the lake visible from the byway and the stunning views which were hidden from view are now very much apparent to those using the lane.

The next working party dates are:

Friday 8th October 2010

Friday 19th November 2010

Meet outside gate at Sandles building at 10.00.  on site from 10.00am until 1.00pm  We are truncating the time on site because of the shortening daylight hours.

Tools will be provided but please wear appropriate clothing and bring a packed lunch if you would like to stay for a picnic after the work party has ended.

Unfortunately, there are currently no toilet facilities at Thrupp Lake.

Contact Melati Cox with any questions. Melati.Cox@northmoortrust.co.uk

So, if you feel like a bit of fresh air and exercise with good convivial company and in beautiful surroundings, this is the place to come.  Even if you are not very physically active, there will be small jobs which can be undertaken to lend a hand and the help every volunteer brings is very much appreciated.


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