Extraordinary General Meeting

Friday 14th May 2010


Peachcroft Christian Centre




The meeting was opened by Basil Crowley, Chairman, welcoming those attending and introducing Duncan Brown , the new Mayor of Abingdon.  The Mayor paid tribute to the work carried out by Save Radley Lakes over the last five years, and showed what could be achieved by community effort.

The meeting discussed proposals for the future of The Group and considered he following motions:


1. In accordance with section 2 of the Constitution, The Group should henceforth adopt the name "Friends of Radley Lakes".


2. That the Executive be instructed to draw up a new constitution (Memorandum and Articles) suitable for the eventual achievement of charitable status, incorporating the following aims:


•  To represent the views of all those who care about the Radley Lakes * and their future.
•  To support and assist Northmoor Trust in its management of Thrupp Lake, and any part of the Radley Lakes * that the Northmoor Trust may eventually become responsible for.
•  To support and assist any other charitable body that may become positively engaged in conservation activities at the Radley Lakes [1] .
•  To promote the restoration and good management of the Radley Lakes * for wildlife conservation and public recreation, and to do this by dealing with it and its wildlife as part of the wider Abingdon/Radley area, as far as circumstances allow.


and to present this for approval and adoption at a future General Meeting of The Group.


3. That the Executive be authorised to commission a new website for The Group and to make any expenditure necessary for its design, hosting and future support, as it sees fit.

These motions were passed Nem Con by the members present and the meeting moved to Any Other Business.

Michael Bloom proposed a vote of thanks to the Executive past and present of Save Radley Lakes for all the hard work in making the campaign such a success.

Marjorie White had been working with the Town Council "Abingdon in Bloom" project, and an additional category was being added for judging,  "Best Wildlife "wildlife friendly" garden.  People in Abingdon are invited to put their names forward for their gardens to be judged.

Marjorie also publicised the Radley Dog Show to be held on the 3rd July.  Registration from 12.30pm.  Judging from 1.30.pm.  She asked for helpers and for people with dogs to come along and support the venture.

The meeting then moved to open discussion from the floor.  Several suggestions were made regarding future activities, picnics, walks and talks, quiz night - possibly at the Anchor Inn which had been very successful the last time, and means of combating anti-social behaviour.

An update was given by Jennie Standen of Radley Parish Council regarding the progress made in the discussions with Northmoor Trust and NPower.  The 25 year agreement still hasn't been signed, and some negotiations are still taking place over the finer detail.  NT are applying for grant funding for the new Environmental Centre and the Architects' first draft proposals/plans have been returned to them for reconsideration, particularly in terms of cost.  No decision has yet been made as to whether to rebuild completely or renovate Sandles.

Basil Crowley made a surprise announcement that he was resigning from the SRL/FRL Executive with effect from the end of the meeting. saying that he had held the post for very nearly 5 years and, having achieved all he set out to do, and more, it was time to move on to other things, and let others take the reins. He said that he would remain a Friend of the Radley Lakes, and take a keen interest in the activities of the Group, and would continue to support it in any we he can, adding that he would be open to becoming more closely involved with the Group again in the future. He proposed that Roger Thomas should take over as acting chairman, at least until the next AGM, which was agreed.

Jennie Standen proposed a vote of thanks for the sterling work that Basil had undertaken over the last five years and understood why, after such an intense campaign, it was necessary to take a break.  

Roger Thomas has taken over as Chairman in the interim period until the AGM.  

Roger Thomas said  "I am sure that every member and supporter of SRL will wish to join the Executive in thanking Basil most warmly for all that he has done. He chaired the organisation throughout a long and arduous campaign, and put enormous amounts of time and energy into this. Basil’s unfaltering determination and formidable scientific and intellectual capabilities made a huge contribution to the ultimate success of the campaign. We very much hope that Basil will still be willing to contribute to the shaping of FRL – indeed, we find it hard to imagine how this can be done without his acumen.

For now, I will stand in as Interim Chairman, until an election can be held at an AGM later in the year. This brings me to my final point. The success of Friends of Radley Lakes will depend very heavily on how active its members choose to be. Most of the present members of the Executive have been serving for some time now and, clearly, no-one can go on for ever. We very much feel that new faces and new ideas are needed. If anyone is interested in playing a more active role in FRL, please let us know. It is a great opportunity to do some really good things for a beautiful environment - and it can be great fun as well! Please do get in touch if you would like to help.".



[1] The Radley Lakes Complex, as defined in the current Constitution (as amended November 2009)


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