NPower Court Hearing for Injunction 17th April 2007


Dr. Peter Harbour has been suffering extreme stress and exacerbating a heart condition because his name was included for some bizarre reason on NPower's Injunction of 10th February.  Dr. Harbour has received further evidence from RWE NPower which arrived with very little time to disseminate it, and to seek further legal advice before a hearing scheduled to take place on the 17 April

Having had sight of the 4 lever arch files of paperwork which NPower's lawyers have put together, supposedly as "evidence" against Peter Harbour and the other people who are listed on the injunction, first impressions are that it is cobbled together to try and make a case using the legitimate campaign which has been running for two years, and will enter its third year in May 2007, to try and link Save Radley Lakes Members to the activities of people who may have taken part in other protests of an environmental nature.

Included in the "evidence" were letters to the press, comments on Newsquest Websites about various news reports and pages and particularly photographs, reproduced without permission from this website and the Parish Council Website.

However, the inclusion of Radley Parish Councillors in the bundle of evidence was the most stark sign that NPower is is a Company desperate to try any means to discredit this Campaign and tar us all with a brush which has, in the past, been reserved for Animal Rights Campaigners who threatened Employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences and possibly the same people who dug up someone's grave.   To be labelled by NPower like this is bordering on the libellous.

Save Radley Lakes Campaign Executive wish it to be known that it never has or will support actions that are without the Law.  The Campaign has been totally peaceful and has used the legislature to try and achieve its aims - to prevent Radley Lakes being used as an Ash Dump.

NPower, on the other hand, have cut down trees without a Licence and the Forestry Commission is considering whether to prosecute them.   Bet they don't tell the High Court about that!

The Judge has seen through the contrived evidence provided by NPower's lawyers Crutchundon and Co, because their tactics are all over websites of other campaigners, and it hasn't taken long for this money-making enterprise to come grinding to a halt.  The Judge, realising that he was not going to waste his time with Crutchundon's shennanigins, has told NPower to negotiate the terms of an injunction with the people they have injuncted and come back to Court when they have done so.  He is not prepared to sit in judgement with sundry piles of photocopied extracts from websites which purport to be evidence of harrassment when there is none to be found.

The sad thing about this is to test the case in Court would require a huge amount of money. Representation in the High Court does not come cheap and for Peter Harbour to try and clear his name means he has to risk his future financial security fighting a battle which NPower have engineered. 

In the meantime, the existing injunction has to remain in force, because it is the application to vary the order which is the only method available, unless it is taken to trial at considerable expense by those covered by the injunction.

Save Radley Lakes are unable to fund the fight against the injunction at present because it requires all its resources to further the Town Green Application.

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