1.   As a non-tax payer, you can donate by sending either a cheque to the Treasurer at the address shown below or donate using Paypal.  There is a button below.

There are no charges for cheque donations to the campaign. Paypal is an alternative method, which allows credit cards to be used.  Paypal will take a fee for this donation.


You can send a cheque, made payable to Save Radley Lakes


The Treasurer 

Save Radley Lakes

3 Shaws Copse



Oxon OX14 3GZ

2.  You can donate to the Northmoor Trust for the Radley Lakes Environmental Centre.   

As a tax-payer, when you donate to Northmoor Trust, they can recover tax which has been paid by you and use that tax to further the aims of the Radley Lakes Environmental Research Centre.

Cheques to the Northmoor Trust should be made payable to "Northmoor Trust for Countryside Conservation" and marked on the back "Radley Lakes Environmental Centre" and sent to the Treasurer of Save Radley Lakes at the above address who will note the donation and then forward it to the Northmoor Trust.  Please accompany your donation with a Gift Aid Form (click here for the form)

Northmoor Trust is a registered Charity and is able to reclaim tax at the rate of £0.22 for every one pound donated. 

You can still donate by this route if you are a non-taxpayer, just don't complete the gift aid form.

Prior to July 2010, the CPRE acted as our Bankers but now that the Northmoor Trust are taking over the area, the CPRE feel it appropriate that they do not impede the work of the Northmoor Trust. 

We commend the CPRE as an organisation dedicated to protecting the countryside and hope that if you are interested in our Campaign, you might like to join the CPRE who have helped enormously with our Campaign.  In particular we owe special thanks to the Oxfordshire Branch of the CPRE who have supported us since the campaign began..

Also iIf you change your telephone provider to the phone co-op you can also support the CPRE that way


Click on the button to go to Paypal. 



It you decide to use Paypal, click on the Paypal button above to make your donation to our Campaign Fund. This goes to a secure site at to where you can make a donation with your credit card.