Town Green Public Meeting 9th February 2007

Despite the weather conditions, following heavy falls of snow the day previously and that morning, Hadland Road Community Centre was packed to capacity, with people standing to hear what was needed for the next stage of the Campaign.

Andy Boddington, of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, had been due to attend and speak, but because of the heavy snowfalls in his region, he was unable to get to the meeting.  His Speech was delivered by Basil Crowley, the Chairman of Save Radley Lakes.     Click here for a copy of Andy's Speech(PDF Format) 

Catherine Robinson, Secretary of Friends of the Trap Grounds in Oxford talked about her experiences with the successful, but lengthy, passage of the Town Green Application through the process, eventually to the House of Lords before saving an area which she considered to be poor in comparison to the Radley Lakes for wildlife,  and if beauty was a factor we would have a head start!   They had been encouraged by the case of proposed development of Glebe Land at Sunningwell .

Peter Harbour, a veteran of the Outdoor Pool Rescue Campaign spoke and persuaded the assembled audience to dig deep into their pockets as well as pledging to help the campaign in various ways.


A Rapt Audience listen to Peter Harbour

As a result, we collected a "barrowload of money" as can be seen by the photo with Jo Cartmell and the donations received at the meeting.  Pledges of several hundred pounds were also made from individuals who had not brought their cheque books.

It's not too late, if you couldn't get into the meeting, or attend because of the bad weather, contact Jo Cartmell and she will add your name to the list of volunteers which is currently being compiled to help the Campaign to the next stage.  Telephone Jo Cartmell on 01235 534424

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