Town Green



An application made to Oxfordshire County Council

to have the Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes and

land immediately around registered as a ‘Town Green’

under the Commons Registration Act 1965 has been

accepted as “duly made” by the County Council


Under this act, if local people have used an area

for recreation 'as of right' for at least twenty years, it

can be registered as a town or village green. That

protects it from development.


Oxfordshire County Council have notified us that a Public Enquiry will be held in Radley Village Hall on 2nd to 5th April 2007

A meeting in Hadland Road on the 9th February was packed to capacity with some people unable to get in.  Residents and Supporters donated money for the legal fund and have pledged support in other ways.

A further meeting at Hadland Road on the 23rd February brought together all those who had volunteered to help with a variety of events and fundraising initiatives.

Town Green Public Enquiry Date Set

Oxfordshire County Council have published the notice calling the public enquiry.    The enquiry is open to the public and anyone may speak.  If you wish to speak, you may approach the clerk at the hearing on the day it opens and ask to do so.    Evidence will be given by people who are already part of the sequence of events which led to this enquiry. 



If you were unable to attend, and want to help then

please contact Jo Cartmell

on Abingdon 01235 534424


Please read our supporters pack (html) and join us to find out how you can help (PDF Format)

on the next stage of the Campaign.




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