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Current Situation Current_Situation
Chronology A history of the situation which led to this Campaign
An Environmental Cause Celebre Save Radley Lakes Publication which says it all
Media Briefing Document A brief document which Media and Press can use to formulate ideas for articles
Other resources Radley Village Website detailing the Village point of view
Science Daily Website Reporting on Pollution caused by PFA
PFA Disposal PFA Disposal - Radley Village Website
Uses of PFA Uses of PFA
Hazards of PFA Is PFA hazardous?
Planning Application Status of the Planning Application
Press Release 16 December 2006 Alternative Site for PFA
Press Release 18 December 2006 Town Green
Press Release 3rd January 2007 Occupation of Sandles by Squatters
Press Release  8th January 2007 Waste Recycling Group and NPower's ash
Press Release 15th Feb 2007 Local scientist served injunction by nPower
Press Release 18th Feb 2007 Local people angry with nPower
Press Release 20th Feb 2007 Protest March
Press Release 25th Feb 2007 Didcot Ash is needed at Sutton Courtenay Landfill Site
Press Release 5th March 2007 Green MEP Visits Lakes

Press Release 9th March 2007

Press Release 9th march 2007_Annex

NPower start work without permission.  Click below for

Copy of their undertaking

Press Release 11th March 2007 Protest March
Press Release 22rd March 2007 Channel 4 News Tuesday 20th March Slate NPower
Press Release 27th March 2007 Town Green Witness Statements Delivered
Press Release  6th April 2007 Children take their own petitions to Downing Street
Press Release 18th April 2007 NPower fails to obtain permanent injunction
Press Release 23rd April 2007 NPower attack our right to protest and now attack our democratic rights too
Press Release 28th April 2007 Sponsored Dog Walk
Press Release 14th May 2007 Oxfordshire County Council to debate use of Gravel Pit adjacent to the Power Station
Press Release 21st May 2007 Oxfordshire County Council Planners discard the chance to Save Radley Lakes and vote to accept thousands of extra lorries on Oxfordshire's Roads
Press Release 4th June 2007 EU accept Petition and will investigate
Press Release 6th June 2007 Tony Juniper shows support for the Radley Lakes Campaign
Press Release 12th June 2007 Tony Juniper endorses the Lakes Campaign
Press Release 24th June 2007 Town Green Public Inquiry closes
Press Release 1st July 2007 Public will be denied access to filled lakes
Press Release 13th July 2007 SRL to picket Planning Meeting
Press Release 17th July 2007 SRL take legal action to ensure proper process at OCC
Press Release 23rd July 2007 Flood Risk from Ash Fill Plans
Press Release 5th August 2007 NPower prove they can recycle when they want too!
Press Release 28th August 2007 Flooding - What you don't know about the EA's assessment of Flood Risk
Press Release 2nd September 2007 So you think they have assessed the Flood Risk?
Press Release 4th September 2007 Npower stipulate their work plan to destroy Thrupp Lake
Press Release 4th September 2007 Cross Channel Swimmer volunteers to swim to Save the Lakes
Press Release 10th September 2007 Angus McChesney completes swim for Save Radley Lakes
Press Release 17th September 2007 Cycle to Recyle Protest
Press Release 21st September 2007 Two Writers offer support to Save Radley Lakes campaign
Press Release 23rd September 2007

10 K Run


Results/Timings 10K Run

Press Release 1st October 2007 PFA Report issued Proving that NPower do not need Thrupp Lake
Press Release 14th October 2007 Great Crested Newts in Abundance at Radley Lakes
Press Release 16th October 2007 Lost the Battle but the war is not over yet!
CPRE and SRL -v- NPower Radio Oxford 16th October 2007
Press Release 25th November 2007 Second Expert Legal Opinion raised questions about the Inspector's Report on the Town Green Application.
Press Release 13th December Call for Joint Talks to Save Thrupp Lake
Press Release 11th January 2008 Councillors urged to grant registration or defer decision on Town Green
Press Release 14th January 2008 County Council refuse Town Green status
Press Release 4th February 2008 Dr Evan Harris MP Pledges support for Judicial Review

Press Release 6th February 2008

Cross Party Support for Saving Radley Lakes

Press Release 7th February 2008 Oxford City Council offer support
Press Release 9th February 2008 Public Meeting calls for Judicial Review
Press Release 19th February 2008 NPower defer dumping plans - Temporary reprieve for Thrupp Lake
Press Release 25th February 2008 Offer of help with long term plan for Radley Lakes
Press Release 2nd May 2008 The Anchor Quiz - NPower Stumped
Press Release 22nd July 2008 Waste Recycling Group offer to take Didcot's ash. 
Press Release December 2008 Thrupp Lake Saved
Press Release May 2009 Northmoor Trust appointed to manage Thrupp Lake area
What Save Radley Lakes have done so far Campaign news reports
Town Green Application One of SRL Members makes an application to get the site registered as a Town Green.
Save Radley Lakes Reports PDF Format Documents covering various objections put to Oxfordshire County Council
Media Reports  
  Oxford Mail 29 February 2008 updated
  Basil Crowley in the Oxford Mail 01 March 2008
  Oxford Times 29 February 2008
  Herald 29 February 2008
  Oxford Mail 29 February 2008
The Guardian 20 February 2008
  Oxford Mail leader 19 February 2008
  Oxford Mail 19 February 2008
  Rye and Battle Observer 19 February 2008
  Oxford Lib Dems 18 February 2008
  Fox FM
  Oxford Times 18 February 2008
  Herald 18 February 2008
  Oxford Mail 18 February 2008
  BBC News 18 February 2008
  BBC Radio Oxford - Comment by SRL (MP3)
  BBC Radio Oxford - NPower Interview  (MP3)
  Financial Times 28th December 07  Read the Text here
  Abingdon Herald 20th Sept 07
  This is Oxfordshire 18th September 2007
  Oxford Mail 29th August 2007
  The Financial Times 25th August 2007 - Harry Eyres comments
  The Independent 25th August 2007
  Abingdon Herald _ Didcot's record ash recycling!
  Letter re Didcot's record ash sales
  The Ecologist July 2007
  BBC Radio 4 - Shared Earth - Friday 22nd June 2007
  The Telegraph 25th May 2007
  The Ecologist 2nd April
  The Radley Swan takes up the Quill on the Ecologist Blog
  NPower cut down trees without a Licence
  CPRE News April 07
  Oxford Mail 9th April 07
  Oxford Times 6th April 07
  Oxford Mail 6th April 07
  Oxford Mail 5th April 07
  Abingdon Herald 5th April 07
  The Ecologist Podcast
  Channel 4 News report - Watch the TV News
  Abingdon Herald 22nd March
  The Ecologist
  Eco Soundings, Guardian 21st March
  Oxford Mail Report on March 10th March
  Letters in the Guardian 9th March
  Activists pledge to remain in Occupation
  Court agrees NPower's request for Eviction Order
  Green Party Support
  CPRE letter to Oxford Times
  BBC Report on Eviction Legal Process
  Lynda Pasquire's letter to the Abingdon Herald
  Mark Wren's letter to the Oxford Times
  Oxford Times report on occupation of Sandles
  Media Newswire
  Abingdon Herald report on the Town Green Application
  Abingdon Herald report the granting of Permission

Olivia Mann's Petition

    Open Letter to RWE - Swindon Advertiser
    Swindon Advertiser report
    Schoolgirl tries to save the lakes
    The Ecologist Oct 06
    The CPRE


Alone in the Wilderness

Out on a Wing

George Monbiot

    Amateur Photographer
    EPUK Blog  Play the Video!
    Counter Arguments to NPower's spindoctoring.   (Adobe PDF 2.3mb)
    Press Release following refusal by Secretary of State to call the application in.   Adobe PDF 81kb
    Press Release following Greenpeace occupation of Didcot Power Station

Oxfordshire County Council Officers Report

Oxfordshire County Council Officers Report, Addendum       ( PDF Format 0.35mb)

Oxfordshire County Council Officers Report, Addendum 2  ( PDF Format 0.07mb)

The Report from the Officers of Oxfordshire County Council.   Flawed and Misleading


The Amendments to the report, issued prior to the Planning meeting    (Adobe PDF 0.35mb)


The Amendments to the report, issued AFTER the planning Meeting.  (Adobe PDF 0.07mb)

  Campaign Brochure - (PDF format) (0.53mb)  UPDATED Brochure prepared following the decision by OCC and Ruth Kelly
  Press statement made by NPower  Local Newspaper reports
  County Wildlife Status - View of SRL Local Newspaper reports
  County Wildlife Site The decision to make the area a CWS taken after the planning decision.  Do we wonder why????
  NPower's Restoration What NPower have done to restore previous infilling, which was carried out with a different set of regulations, can never be applied to the latest infilling, but this point seems to have escaped BBOWT and others who raised no objections because "mitigation" was considered to be sufficient.
  PFA and NPower's options This sets out the facts about Didcot's lack of imagination in recycling the PFA which they produce.  Consistently they have said "We are in the business of generating electricity, not selling Ash"  However, as all business have to diversify to maintain growth, NPower have missed out on opportunities by continuing with their blinkered approach.  Unfortunately, HM Government has done nothing to persuade Power Generators to clean up their acts.  RWE threaten the closure of Didcot Power Station if they don't get their way and dump the ash at Radley.  However, the price of wholesale gas is now in negative figures due to the recently opened pipeline from Scandinavia and Gas is now cheap again - Not that the consumer will see any of the rewards for the drop in price!  and RWE has a Gas Powered Station right next door to the Coal Burning Station which is also able to burn gas.
  Fiddlers Ferry Power Station can do it Why can't NPower enter into the same sort of joint venture agreement, or are NPower too blinkered and too dogmatic to look at what is going on around them?
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Abingdon Town Council Switches from NPower

Tony Juniper visits his childhood haunts

EU Petition accepted (pdf)

Oxfordshire County Council Planning Decision mean more lorries on Oxfordshire's Roads

NPower's Injunction watered down

Town Green Inquiry resumed 20th June at Radley College

Channel 4 News Slate NPower

Children go to No 10

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