Save Radley Lakes was formed on 20th May 2005 by local people to prevent the destruction, by RWE NPower, of  a priceless wildlife area in Radley known as Thrupp Lake and Bullfield Lake

In the course of several subsequent public meetings, which were well attended by a number of people from various sectors of the community, a dedicated core of people has emerged who are devoting a considerable amount of time and energy to moving the campaign forward. 

Although officers had been appointed for managing the finances and conduct of business, the rapid growth of membership and consequent flow of information resulted in a core executive taking over responsibility for managing the affairs of The Group. This was done under the terms of a draft constitution formally tabled on 25th July, and adopted in the interim.

The Group was formally constituted at its meeting of 8th August.

Under this constitution, the Executive comprises the Group's Officers and Principals, each of whom leads a group specialising in a particular area of activity.

The aims of the Group (as set out in the Constitution) are:

  • To prevent the imminent destruction of, or damage to, The Lakes by operations carried out by RWE NPower
  • To conserve The Lakes and all the wildlife therein..
  • To campaign to prevent further disposal of PFA from Didcot Power Station being carried out at Radley
  • To campaign for the adoption of The Lakes as a public amenity.
Chairman Dr B Crowley
Vice Chairman R Thomas
Secretary J Cartmell
Treasurer L Pasquire
Publicity & Fund Raising M White
Pollution & Flooding, Wildlife & Ecology Dr D Guyoncourt and Dr B Crowley
Legal & Environmental R Thomas
Lobbying Dr P Harbour
Correction to Executive Listing Dr R Eeles resigned his responsibilities on the Executive after the completion of the Planning Objection in May 2006.

Starting with a group of three people who were angry at the continued destruction of an area of natural beauty, the membership has grown significantly as the campaign has progressed.  The Campaign now has an Executive and subgroups which have been set up to deal with various aspects of the Planning Application in order to make relevant objections to the Planning Officer.

More than twenty people have attended regular meetings held at the Hadland Road Community Centre, on a regular basis, and countless more have offered their support, financially, by offering expertise, by engaging in fund-raising activities and promoting public awareness.  These associate members have endorsed the objectives of our Group and the objections we are making to NPower and Oxfordshire County Council. 

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Aerial Photograph taken July 05


Examples above and below of the help we are getting from members of the Public.
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Photographed looking upwards from bottom of Bullfield Lake, July 05
Aerial Map of the Lakes.