13th April 2006

On Thursday 13th April, Save Radley Lakes Campaigners processed from Carfax to County Hall to hand in their objection.  If the last objection had been a record for Oxfordshire County Council, this one is definitely a record breaker.  The Statement of Objection came to 40 pages, which itemised all the items which were incorrect in NPower's Voluntary Environmental Statement.  This was supported by reports from the various sub-Groups of Save Radley Lakes covering Ecology, Flooding, Pollution, Alternative Uses for PFA.  Altogether 331 Pages were delivered for the Planning Officers to consider and to put before the Planning Committee.

Earlier that day, Eric Hobson appeared on Radio Oxford trotting out the same old party line (or lies?) that the mitigation on previous infilling had produced a wildlife site of County Importance and they would ensure that the mitigation on the proposed infilling would be the best possible.  What they haven't told the County Council is that it is impossible to mitigate in the same way as Lakes A-D.  How do you cap PFA when you haven't any topsoil?  How will things grow without decent nutrient?  The lies being trotted out by NPower make our respective bloods boil!

If the County considered the remainder of the Radley Lakes E and F,  it would be a SSSI - but English Nature aren't taking on any more cases, following instructions from the Government.    Eric rabbitted on about the beauty of A-D (previous filled lakes) which if you have visited the area, they are behind 10ft high fences, and are not safe as they are still like quicksand, and which they proclaim to be the result of their sympathetic restoration.

They have no plan for mitigation for Lakes H/I/J/P - a fact which escaped Oxfordshire County Council on their last planning variation.  BBOWT said they didn't object to Lakes H/I being filled because they didn't think there was anything to object about! 

The Planners should visit the last infilling and see for themselves what it will look like.  Devastation on a grand scale.  A concentration camp like parade ground, with life-belts for anyone who walks on the surface, because they will surely sink into an unstable sludge which the PFA becomes in its clay container.

BBOWT are in receipt of funding from NPower, either directly or indirectly, it doesn't matter.  Their Officers are under the influence of their Minders at Didcot Power Station and so they can play at being ecologists elsewhere, like Aldermaston Gravel Pits, which are impoverished compared with Radley, they do the dirty on Radley so they keep their Landfill Tax Funding.

The CPRE have come out in support of Save Radley Lakes, as has Abingdon Naturalists Society.  Who needs BBOWT anyway. 

Processing to County Hall
Congregating to await the Officers of the Council
Handing over the objection


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