11th January 2006


On Wednesday 11th January, ABNATS invited Save Radley Lakes to give a presentation to their membership and the public about the plight of the Lakes, the wildlife and the effects of infilling with PFA.

A video by one of our memebrs, Rhian White was shown first, which had been compiled over the early summer months showing the amenity value;  the video captured the essence of the Lakes and portrayed very successfully the type of use of the area by fishermen, walkers, bird-watchers etc.

The second presentation was a video commissioned by Save Radley Lakes which was a documentary detailing the history of the area, the planning permissions and the current application.  It contained interviews with people who had been approached whilst using the area for recreational purposes, and were members of the public and not Save Radley Lakes Members at the time the video was prepared.

The final presentation was a photographic slide show of some of the flora and fauna of the Lakes taken in the period June to November 05.   Everyone agreed the images were stunning and the final section was without commentary but set to very haunting ethereal music.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm after several interested members of the public had posed questions concerning the application and its status.




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