16th October 2005

Thanks are extended to the Vale of White Horse District Council and the Management of Tilsley Park kindly allowed Save Radley Lakes to petition participants in the Abingdon Marathon on the 16th October 2005.

We would also like to thank those participants in the marathon who noticed the signs as they passed the lakes and sought out our petition takers to add their names to the growing number of objectors.   We even had some competitors coming up before the race started to add their signatures to our petition - they thought their handwriting might be a bit unreadable after twenty-six miles running at a pace most of us can only manage for about a hundred yards!

We managed to get a photo of the two who finished first - A superb effort

A couple of weeks later, we received a petition from two of the runners who had, whilst they were running, noticed the lakes, and the campaign posters and felt strongly enough to send in their own collection of signatures!



By the end of the year, collecting at the rate of over a thousand signatures each month, we will be into five figures.  So we will continue to canvass for support. 

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