At a meeting on the 27th July, a Panel comprising representatives of Oxfordshire County Council, West Berkshire Councl and Buckinghamshire County Council met to decide on information provided to the TVERC in order to gain recognition of Radley Lakes as a County Wildlife Site.

This meeting was organised by the TVERC.

TVERC is a ‘not for profit' operation run by a partnership of organisations that collect or need to use information about the natural environment. It is one in a national network of Local Environmental Records Centres.

The Records Centre collects, collates and makes available information to help people make sound decisions about our natural environment in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. The information is also widely used for education and research purposes.

TVERC aims to hold all available information about the plants, animals, wildlife habitats and important wildlife and geological sites in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. There are many people collecting information about our natural environment and by collating all this information at TVERC, everyone can get a better picture of the status and distribution of wildlife.

TVERC is hosted by Oxfordshire County Council (Social and Community Services) and by West Berkshire Council (Planning and Transport services) and has offices in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and Newbury, Berkshire.


Part Site Map showing County Wildlife Site 59103.  We have had to remove the map previously shown on this page because it had not been sent with the appropriate permissions to publish the map.  In any event, the map is out of date, as it shows Lakes H and I as a lake, so this must date back before 2003.    Our own map does not show the extent of the CWS because it does not contain the Barton Lane area.

The site is known as Radley Gravel Pits in the County Wildlife Site system, reference no. 59I03.

The fact that the area was supposed to be a CWS back in 2000 and then disappeared off the record is of some concern.  However, the fact that, at long last, this site has been recognised, is a testament to the hard work put in by the ecologists who have studied the site since SRL was formed and commissioned work to be carried out to prove the worth of the area.  Sadly, the decision was not made before the Planning Committee Meeting on the 10th July, being postponed several times.  Only OCC and TVERC know the reasons for the continued postponement.    The origianal arial photograph provided by TVERC is out of date.  This was the map used by OCC at theplanning meeting, and dates back to around about 2000. 

Here is our own specially commissioned photograph.  One can see the close proximity of Audlett Drive to the proposed ashfill site - only a matter of about 400 yards away.