Settlers evicted from Sandles

6th February 2007

Security Guards, employed by a Company called Shercurity (believed to be the Company featured at   http://www.shercurity.net/index.html )  acting on the instructions of RWE NPower, entered premises called "Sandles" by force.  They used excessive force to gain ingress to the house.  They smashed a plate glass patio door behind which two people were sleeping. who were showered in shards of glass as a result of this violent incursion.

Following their entry into the house and the detention of the occupants inside, they turned their attention to a structure outside in the garden, which was a scaffolding tower, with a container on top.  Inside the container was a young man who had been peacefully resisting eviction by locking himself inside the container.  The Security Guards put the life of this young protestor at risk by shaking the box, and recklessly smashing it with sledgehammers.  They toppled a container used for ballast off the platform which crashed through the roof of the garage below.

The occupation of the premises by protesters campaigning against NPower was entirely peaceful.  Their removal, by contrast, was not.  It was violent, forcible and without due regard for safety.

The people carrying out the eviction were wearing balaclava helmets and could not be identified.  They wore no identity badges, as they should, according to the Code of Conduct for Security Officers.   These thuggish individuals now parade round the footpaths, with faces covered, filming anyone they consider to be sympathetic to Save Radley Lakes Campaign.

One of the Settlers, Ant, has set up a one man picket line opposite Sandles.  Enduring abuse from the Security Guards he has maintained a vigil since he eviction.


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