1st October 2005


Save Radley Lakes have now recruited over 500 members to its Campaign following another successful sortie with our team of volunteers, this time to the market place in Abingdon.

There was a bit of competition from Amnesty International and the Operatic Society, which kept people entertained with snatches of songs from Gilbert and Sullivan's Operetta "The Mikado".  We thought it very apt that to the rendition of "The Lord High Executioner" we were talking to new recruits about the Orcs at NPower cutting down thousands of trees to facilitate their cheap disposal option. 

After all they only pay £2 per tonne to dump the fuel ash at Radley, and even then we can't find out exactly how much is there - I wonder if HM Customs and Excise know - We shall have to ask them as the Orcs may have underestimated the amount of fuel ash, judging by the height of the bunds that surround Lake H/I and the depth to which they sunk, literally and metaphorically to bottom out the area to accept their low-cost coal option fuel ash!

A lovely bright sunny day made it easier for people to want to linger - but even in the pouring rain at the Conservation Fair, we were still signing people up who were incensed at what was happening.

We had a mystery visitor to the stand who, despite being in competition with us lingered long enough to bring a few more people to the stand to find out what was going on.  Was it a Mole? It wasn't a Vole (we've got one of those) Was it a Mouse?   No, a Persian Cat is what she portrayed.  She looked the part and certainly added some humour to the seriousness of our campaign before returning to the Guildhall where there was a Cat Show taking place.


We are going to continue to recruit members and continue to canvass for support.  Join the Group


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