14th October 2005


Well, there was Eric again, putting on his manic smile - and the kids - they looked a bit bemused by it all - this propaganda stunt in the Oxford Mail and Times (Wednesday 12th October and Friday 14th October.

If you don't read the local rags, the essence of the article was that Didcot Power Station are interested in their local community, so much so that they have donated a pile of cheap plastic microscopes from some sweat shop in the Far East to the local primary school to encourage them in their science studies.

This is all highly commendable and for the price of a few plastic toys, the Oxford Mail and Times have swallowed the ruse to give NPower some favourable publicity.  However, when you look closely at the article, Eric's comment, "We are committed to carrying out our business responsibly and putting something back into the community" - Yes Eric, - we all agree on that - millions of tonnes of toxic sludge in our community at Radley!!

Eric does have a penchant for opening his mouth and putting his foot in it.  You have to feel sorry for him, working as he does, for an organisation that pays lipservice to environmental issues and manipulates others to enhance their green credentials.  Remember NPower own Thames Water who are top of the Environment Agency's list of Black Mark Companies that flout environment regulations! 


The day the planning application was due to be heard in Oxford we had collected 5113 signatures on our petition and had recruited  509 members.  We will continue to canvass for support.  Click on the link  Join the Group



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