Hadland Road Meeting 23rd February 2007

Forty three people attended a meeting of the Save Radley Lakes Campaign at Hadland Road on 23rd February, having previously attended an Open Meeting on the 9th February.  The people attending had all volunteered to take part and help with various activities being planned to take the Town Green Campaign on to the next stage.

Len Lambe has made arrangements with the Boywer Arms in Radley to have a poetry/prose competition, for which a prize will be awarded each week, starting on Saturday 24th February.  Between 3.00pm and 5.00pm anyone who is interested can come along and take part in Len's Competition.  For the first meeting he has received a message of support from Pam Ayres.

On Wednesday 28th February at 1.00pm there will be a Dog Walk to Radley Lakes. More details from Marjorie White on 01235 530174

On the 3rd March 2007 there will be Protest March from Abingdon Town Centre to Radley Lakes starting at 1.00pm (details to be confirmed).  Again Marjorie White will have the details for this.

Currently being organised for younger supporters are a Poster Design Competition and and Essay Competition, the subject of which is "Why I think Radley Lakes should be saved".  The Winning Entries will be judged and the entrants invited to a prize giving presentation in the Guildhall (date to be arranged).

Donations have been rolling in since the 9th February;  such is the anger felt by the local residents, that large pledges have been made to help with the funding of the legal costs for the Town Green.

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