Injunction - What Injunction?

Derek Holmes of the Oxford Mail and Times rang to say he had received a copy of an injunction which stated that Save Radley Lakes had to publish the injunction on its website and send copies to all its members.  One hasn't seen the injunction, so one isn't going to read it, because to read it means you have effectively been served by it.

Legal Opinion was sought and because the injunction relates to a number of named individuals, (only one of which is known to the writer) who have no control over Save Radley Lakes Website or its Members' Lists, RWE NPower were approached by our Legal Representative and have agreed that this requirement is waived by them.

The evidence put forward by the Security Guards has been put in the public domain.  More information here

Information has come to light that the Solicitors which NPower have engaged to carry out their High Court Injunction Application were the same solicitors who were used by another Company in Brighton, called EDO who were the involved in the provision of Arms to Iraq.    More information can be found here

As you will see, if you follow the link, the lawyer acting for NPower Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden has implemented the same tactics as he did at EDO. Unfortunately, at EDO, the protesters there bit back and EDO were forced to pay damages.  That has given us encouragement.  One wonders if NPower knew of the involvement with Mr. Crutchundone and the lawsuit which cost his former client millions of pounds.

A Guardian Photographer and Reporter went to the Lakes and encountered the Security Guards.  (read here for more details) . The Reporter also encountered Mr. Crutchundone's assistants.  (click here for the details)

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