Radley Parish Council

Judicial Review Hearing

Postponed from 26th and 27th February 2009


Exactly a year after agreeing to take Judicial Review proceedings, the Parish Council was to have been given a hearing in the High Court on the 26th and 27th February 2009. 

This legal action, if successful, was taken in the hope that it would secure the site for future generations - but this was not a certainty although there was a very good chance of winning.

However NPower have been faced with strong opposition, they have been presented with a new site to store their waste ash but  after earlier statements that they would not permanently give up on the use of Thrupp Lake for an Ash Fill Lagoon, they decided in December 2008 that they would make the land they own and the lake available for a nature conservation site. .  

In light of NPower's statement, the Judicial Review process has been adjourned whilst further negotiations between Radley Parish Council, Oxfordshire County Council and landowners are conducted to determine the basis for ending the action.

On 13 January, Radley Parish Council decided it needed a firm committment from RWE npower over its intentions for the lakes before withdrawing its the action.

(see http://www.radleyvillage.org.uk/parishcouncil/documents/Extraordinary_Meeting_January_2009.pdf  )

At present, RWE npower has outlined its' plans to put the management of Thrupp Lake into the hands of an established wildlife trust.  They are seeking conservation bodies with experience and RWE npower will shortly be inviting those interested organisations to submit an Expression of Interest.   Further details of this are available from RWE NPower. 

NPower have said that they expect the process of setting up an agreement to manage the promised community wildlife reserve will take about a year.   They have said they will consult with the community  through the Radley Parish Council. 

A viewing stage has been formed out of the concrete structure which was set on the edge of Thrupp Lake alongside the byway, at the pipework and causeway crossing point.   This is only temporary as it is believed that agreement is needed from Oxfordshire County Council as part of the restoration scheme yet to be agreed.  RWE npower intends to create a proper viewing platform extending out over the lake surface, and to 'soften up' the overall appearance of the existing concrete structure.

RWE npower is also expected shortly to proceed with the removal of the newt fence, and to erect a post-and-wire fence all the way round the Thrupp Lake.

RWE npower has recently submitted a revised 'ecologically-led' restoration plan for Lake H/I, the ash-filled lake to the south and southeast of Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes (See http://www.radleyvillage.org.uk/news/news0074.htm  ). This is currently being considered by Oxfordshire County Council.

Save Radley Lakes has submitted a detailed response.




More information on the Radley Village Website




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