The Oxfordshire County Council Footpaths Officer has visited the Radley Lakes after a complaint was made to them about two concrete blocks which were put in many years ago to stop the blight of the landscape by joy-riders.  These blocks were eminently successful until recently when the joy-riders discovered that if they stole small cars they could access the area from Barton Lane where they then conduct their "sport" leaving someone sadder for the loss of their vehicle, and the County Ratepayers poorer for the costs of cleaning up after these low-life specimens.

Now to add to the woes of the Radley Lakes Wildlife, already under threat, the Officer in question has decided in his wisdom that the one complainant - who is in a minority - can have their way and have the concrete barriers removed.

This will allow further decimation of the site by the joy-riders and which will be to the detriment of the wildlife.  Perhaps we can invoke the Habitats Directive and cause OCC to review their policy.

After all, the lane in question is a footpath or bridle path, but they have, for some mysterious reason, classified it as a BOAT (BYWAY OPEN TO ALL TRAFFIC).  Considering OCC's policy of stopping legitimate traffic on the A329 by installation of Chicanes on a major trunk road, we are all mystified by this stance and wonder if NPower have had a hand in the proceedings so they can get additional access to the site.

We would like all our members to write to the Footpaths Officer, Mark Sumner, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell Street, Oxford, to protest at the reclassification of this ancient path as a BOAT and to object to the removal of the concrete blocks which protect the site from damage.

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