10th July 2006

Those people who took a day off work to attend the Planning Meeting on the 10th July were horrified at the way in which Oxfordshire County Council railroaded the planning application through to give NPower permission to destroy Thrupp Lake.

These are the planning guidelines which OCC breached in their determination to give NPower permission to destroy Thrupp Lake .


They believe they have not breached these planning conditions – What do you think?



Green Belt Policy


OSP policy G4 states that development in the Green Belt will only be permitted if it maintains the openness of the Green Belt and does not conflict with the purposes of the Green Belt or harm its visual amenities . With regard to visual amenities, OCC decided that the harm was only temporary, and what would be put back eventually, would be equally as acceptable! If you make something as horrible as PFA infilling, then any restoration would be preferable!


Development in the Green Belt will not normally be permitted except in very special circumstances. – OCC decided that the circumstances were “special”


OSP para 3.10 states that proposals for waste disposal involving landraising in the Green Belt are unacceptable. OCC also decided that they could ignore this condition completely .


OSP policy G4 also lists five purposes of the Green Belt.

They are to:

a) preserve the special character and landscape setting of Oxford ;

b) check the growth of Oxford and prevent ribbon development and urban sprawl;

c) prevent the coalescence of settlements;

d) assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment; and

e) to assist in urban regeneration by encouraging the recycling of derelict and other urban land.


OSP para 3.10 also states that development within the Green Belt for uses other than those identified in PPG2 will only be permitted in very special circumstances. OCC used this clause to decide that NPower was a very special circumstance, whilst ignoring or fudging the rest of the clauses.


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