Planning Committee show their true colours once again

On the 21st May 2007, the OCC Planning Committee met once again to discuss NPower's proposals in respect of their planning conditions, and despite the Chairman's view that the Officers should have delegated powers to deal with NPower's proposals, the Committee did at least agree that the remaining conditions should come back before the Planning Committee once agreed. 


This followed a backdrop of a complaint from a Mrs. Searle who had found that planning permission for a school extension had been passed, without her being in attendance because the Officers decided they could move the planning meeting which was scheduled to hear the application and without notifying the objectors of the change. So, she turned up to hear the application only to find it had already been determined. This is the arrogance of the County Council Officers who were later reprimanded by the Ombudsman when Mrs. Searle complained, but she had no remedy because the Ombudsman ruled that the Planning decision was correct.   Democracy in action once more in Oxfordshire.

Save Radley Lakes also addressed the Committee concerning the Waste Recycling Group planning application - which related to an extension of time and lorry movements to fill a dirty great hole which all of a sudden last December became available - we believe that NPower let their option (Plan B) go on this gravel pit once they knew they had their planning permission for Thrupp Lake.  


Save Radley Lakes argued that the void space should be used for NPower's ash, and objected to the fact that thousands of lorries would be allowed to deliver household waste to Sutton Courtenay. Strangely the number of lorries purported by NPower to be needed last year, was a determining factor in the Planning Committee's decision to destroy Thrupp Lake, when NPower they said they would have a lorry leaving the power station every eight minutes with fuel ash.


The objections presented made no difference to the Tory led Councillors who with Cllr Joslin, a labour councilor and a member of NPower's Local Liaison Committee, determined that it would be alright to have waste coming from Slough and elsewhere, and NPower could destroy Thrupp Lake because it suited them commercially.


Tory Councillor Hayward used his casting vote to defeat the motion for a deferral of planning permission.


The fact that Cllr Joslin did not leave the room during the discussions and voted on an issue in which he clearly had an interest was in sharp contrast to one of the other Councillors, Cllr Dryden, who left the room because he had signed a Save Radley Lakes Petition. If he had remained, the vote might have been different.


Cllr Joslin, having decided to throw his weight behind WRG then twittered on about the number of lorries and hoped that they wouldn't be allowed through the Ladygrove Estate.


Once again it seems the people of Oxfordshire are served by individuals who do not bear the interests of the ratepayers at heart, only big business.


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