Protest March 17th February 2007

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, under the organisation of Andy Boddington, arranged for a Protest March to take place on the 17th February 2007 and Save Radley Lakes invited it's supporters to participate.

Congregating at the Bowyers Arms at 1.00pm, the assembled company of protesters, young and old, infirm and athletically fit, set off  to walk the mile or so distance to Radley Lakes.

The turnout was superb.  They came in droves to support the Campaign, and with only 24 hours notice of the walk, it was a measure of support for the Campaign by local people.  With much greater notice we might have achieved a thousand people to walk the walk.  As it was, two hundred and fifty people made the protest, passing Sandles in silence, with gags round their mouths to signify the injunction that NPower's laywer had been handing out the day previously to anyone who happened to be passing Sandles.

The march took a left turn into the area called H/I and on an upturned car as a platform, the meeting was addressed by Andy Boddington, Roger Thomas, Alison Prewitt, and Basil Crowley. 

The return march was accompanied by children in frog costumes, lying on stretchers, representing the injured wildlife, which would be damaged by NPower's wrecking of their environment.

BBC South Today covered it in first position, displacing the Trident/War Protest, which only had a hundred protesters.  The protest was orderly, peaceful and a few people shouted their comments as they passed the devastated lake and one of the contractors called out "Sorry". 

Leon Flexman was at Sandles, keeping his Goons in check.  He was extremely worried when one of the Protesters ventured on to the lake margins after his dog and attracted the attention of the Gestapo.   He breathed a sigh of relief when the report came that the walker had not been detained, but advised to retreat. 

Herr Gruppenfuhrer Raindownlikehell was seen there recently with his lawyer sturmtroopers.  He arrived in a car with blacked out number plates under the nose of a policeman, who chose to ignore the fact that the vehicle was breaking the law.  But then, we suppose Herr Raindownlikehell has convinced HM Constabulary that he is at risk from a retired scientists who has been named in an injunction which prevents him coming anywhere near the Radley Lakes, on the unpublished evidence of a couple of Security Guards who are more threatening than the people they say they are threatened by.  This is Democracy This is England in 2007. God help us.


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