November 2005


Well, the competition was fierce for the customers at the Annual Radley Bazaar but the quality of the merchandise on the SRL Stall was second to none.  The selection of home made cakes were quick to disappear and so were the home-made cranberry sauce, jams and lemon curd.  If the SRL Stall Minders were hoping for a leftover for tea, they were disappointed as the whole lot went.

With wildlife in mind, a volunteer had made some desirable detached residences for the local bird population and these literally flew off the shelf as soon as they were on display.   There were professionally made greetings cards and a specially prepared DVD Video showing the value of the amenity of the lakes.  A beautifully iced Christmas Cake was won by a Radley Resident who accurately guessed the weight to the nearest ounce.  4lb 13 oz.  The Give a Dog a Name Competition was drawn with Chesney as the winning dog's name. 

Another team of our volunteers had prepared some badges which will be collectors items in years to come. 

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