SRL Summer Fete and Dog Show

Saturday 28th July 2007

The sun shines on the righteous.... so the saying goes....and SRL had the most glorious of days after all the flooding in Abingdon and Oxford which had caused devastation to homes in our area. 

We were blessed with a glorious summer day at the Radley Sports Field and Village Hall where there were stalls of all sorts to entertain and encourage people to spend in support of the Town Green Fighting Fund.

The fund was greatly enhanced by those who paid to knock over the cooling towers which had been skilfully manufactured by one of our members.   There was hoopla with a difference, throwing the dice, and a variation of the ball in the bucket was constructed with very life-like looking birds nests into which a ball had to be thrown and remain in order to win a prize.

The ducks with a prize number on their undersides was a great favourite with the younger visitors and the Belly Dancers entranced old and young alike.

The music of the Big Boys Band provided a musical background in between the events.

The dog show was enormously successful.  A huge turn out of our canine friends who came to strut their stuff, and some showing how they could resist a sausage and some showing they could not!  Some showed their party tricks and others showed their resemblance to their owners!

The Cake Stall was populated with beautiful home made victoria sponge cakes and fruit cakes and within a couple of hours had sold out.  The teas in the village hall were extremely popular as people took the weight of their feet to enjoy the photographic exhibition of Radley Wildlife and enjoy a cream tea at the same time or enjoy something stronger from the Pavillion Bar.


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