The Petition has now closed and has been delivered to RWE NPower on the 30th June 2006.  Thirty six people accompanied Evan Harris to make representations to the Management of Didcot Power Station.  However, they cordoned our coach off about 150 yards from the Gate House, and skulked in the Gatehouse with the lights turned off - were they saving electricity?  No - they were trying not to be filmed by the BBC who sent a News Cameraman.

We had interviews with the local Press, BBC TV and Central News, and at 10.45am Evan Harris, accompanied by Basil Crowley, Chairman of Save Radley Lakes, Carole Cavanagh (Clerk of the Green Cloth representing Radley Village) Lorraine Oates, Deputy Mayor of Abingdon, were allowed to walk past the security guards to the Gate House and deliver the petition.

For every one word SRL Representation there were thirty words from NPower!  The propoganda has not changed since last year.  Now they have a new term - National Security - as if burning loads of cheap coal is essential for the security of the Nation.   It only puts more profits into the pockets of the RWE Board, who, as we know, are paying themselves huge salaries and their other Company, Thames Water, is just as mismanaged, inflicting drought orders on the South East yet hiking up the price of Water. 

RWE are selling their cheap coal electricity at the same price as Gas. They are raking in huge profits and yet, are doing nothing to deal with the increased mountain of ash they have generated as a result of their "low cost coal option".

The ash they have stored at Didcot at present would fill Radley Lakes within two years, so why are they lying through their teeth saying the infill will last until the life of the power station in 2015.

We are aware that they are discussing with Government the notion of keeping this ageing dinosaur running for as long as possible. 

We all need electricity but we must be aware of the cost and the huge profits being "generated" for off-shore Companies.  NPower's paltry repayments to the community go nowhere when you look at the damage done to the environment.


We do have a petition on the Downing Street Website, which NPower did try to have removed, hence the weasel words from the Government which have appeared after our petition text.

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