Angus McChesney swims for the Lakes

On Sunday 9th September 2007, Angus McChesney, a local teacher, took to the River Thames, fresh from his successful cross channel swim, to show support for Save Radley Lakes Campaign.

Flanked by a flotilla of small boats, decked with bunting, bearing notices urging people to Switch from NPower, to the the sound of loudhailers, swedish horns,and cheers from the river-bank, which accompanied Angus, the entourage had to scurry along to keep pace in the sunshine. A similar problem was faced by the marshalls and supporters on the riverbanks.   The people on each bank donated generously towards the Save Radley Lakes legal fund and the three boats and crews were kindly loaned by local people or groups, including Abingdon School Rowing Club and helped by Abingdon's Abbey Sailing Club.  

The Mayor, Lorraine Oates came along with five fellow Councillors to congratulate Angus on his recent cross-channel swim which raised £40,000 for leukemia research, and to present him with a bottle of champagne.

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Alex in power swim mode.  His progress made it difficult for the craft shadowing him to keep up and the marshalls on the river bank had to run to keep up! 

The swim took less than 20 minutes and Angus, barely out of breath enjoyed a refreshing drink in the Old Anchor Inn.

After the excitement of the morning, the rest of the supporters went on to the Fun in the Park Event and raised further funds from the stall there.  Hooking a duck from the paddling pool was the most popular past-time and there was a queue equal to the one for the ice-creams as children tried their skills with a pole and a hook to catch the plastic yellow ducks which bobbed in the paddling pool.



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