Town Green Public Inquiry 2nd April to 5th April 2007

and Wed 20th June 2007 to Friday 22nd June 2007


The Inquiry opened on 2nd April 2007 only to be adjourned on the 5th April because only half the witnesses had been called. 

The Inquiry reconvened on Wednesday 20th June at 11.00 am at Radley College New Pavillion and closed on Friday 22nd June at 3.30,pm.  The Inspector has heard all the evidence and it is now only possible to submit evidence by applying to Oxfordshire County Council for a written statement to be forwarded to the Inspector.

For further information, visit the Radley Village website, where there is a full report of the Inquiry's process.



For the remaining session the report is contained on our own website,

Wednesday 20th June

Thursday 21st June

Friday 22nd June


Mr Chapman QC is heading the Inquiry.

During the Inquiry it was discovered that Mr Petchy and Mr. Chapman each asked about the same number of questions, round about 250 each.  Mr. Mynors on the other hand, asked twice as many questions.  Then Mr Mynors asked the Inspector if he could draw a line and not have any more witnesses.  Mr. Chapman replied that he could not because this might leave him open to an accusation of being negligent and he had a duty to examine all the evidence regardless of how many witeness put themselves forward.  He did agree that witnesses could put their evidence in writing so they would not have to endure waiting around to give testimony and he felt that written submissions would be acceptable without cross-examination.
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