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The Radley Lakes Town Green Public Inquiry resumed on the 20th June at Radley College pavillion, under the inspector or umpire, Mr Vivian Chapman. This, the fifth day of the Inquiry, was the first of three days (20 th to 22 nd June), which have been added on, some weeks after the original four days, and may allow the submission of evidence from both sides to be completed. The pavillion, surrounded by cricket fields, seemed an appropriate place for the next phase of the battle to prevent Thrupp Lake at Radley from being filled with ash. On the one side was the applicant, Mrs Jo Cartmell, represented by barrister, Mr Philip Petchey: on the opposite side were the objectors, RWE npower plc, and Messrs Dockar Drysdale and Curtis, represented by their barrister, Charles Mynors.

“I seem to have fallen asleep and awakened in a pavillion, with views of cricket matches from every window. SaveRadleyLakes , still batting into the fifth day, are well into their middle order. All batters acquitted themselves well, with the interest in boundaries as high as ever. How and when the boundary was crossed seemed to be the main interest, (Did one go over or through it? Was it ever impossible? etc., etc .) and the territory within the boundary was hallowed, unlike the greater Radley Lakes area, outside the boundary, which was deemed out of play. First on was John Dunleavy, who described dogs and many birds but not a duck in sight. He was closely followed by Roger Thomas. Both described the boundaries they had crossed or researched in great detail, Mr Thomas showing with authority that reported observations of boundary fences (sometimes removed and replaced elsewhere) were consistent with what was plotted by Her Majesty's Ordnance Surveyors. Dr David Guyoncourt described his wildlife surveys, his boundary crossings and showed that Radley Lakes score the highest in the county in terms of wildlife. Mr Ray Faulkner, a very experienced middle order man, has occupied the territory inside the boundary more than and for longer than almost anyone else, on foot and bicycle, and displayed intimate knowledge of every gully and point on the map and the idiosyncrasies of the terrain. It was no surprise to learn that he regularly encountered almost every other player in the game, whether dog-walker, swimmer, artist, photographer or whatever. His boundary knowledge (“I call a proper fence one designed to keep people out or to keep people back; there wasn't a proper fence East of Thrupp Lake !”) exceeded that of Batrister Myners, who tried to catch him out of his ground, but Ray argued he was well within the boundary, and he was. Mr Myners blushed to have made such a mistake.”


“After the luncheon interval Glynis Clack acquitted herself well, being followed by Lynda Pasquire, who scored boundaries at a ferocious pace. Despite her late arrival to the scene in 2005, she made up for lost time with almost daily visits and had taken over 1000 photographs and interviewed at least 50 fishermen about their licences. One said he had one, but the others stuck to their tales. She was interested in day/night activities of toads, frogs, moths, birds and bats and, being the night-watchman that she was on occasion, she often closed Curtis' gate near midnight to keep out vandals and fly-tippers. The two remaining batters were Dr Basil Crowley, who had studied boundary wire fences and found most around the ground to be made of this and that, mainly rather old. He described the wire gauge, the condition, and the presence or absence of wire. Virtually the only new fence appeared, somewhat strangely, to have been installed very recently indeed. He could find no evidence of a continuous fence along the eastern boundary of Thrupp Lake . He has to sleep on his cross-examination, which will be in the morning. The remaining batter (7 th of the day) was Mr Higgs, who described the boundary in detail, every entrance that was marked on the map, a number that were not marked, and even showed why some of the marked entrances were of no use. With his great experience he received little challenge and cruised to the end of the day with authority.”


“SaveRadleyLakes will complete their innings in the morning. One can imagine the objectors having last-minute words with their coach, but their barrister, Mr Mynors appears to be injured (back) and will have to be worked on by the team physio before play resumes at 10 am. All today's batters acquitted themselves well, reaching well into double figures, several in contention for “man (or woman) of the match”. Some commentators suggest that SaveRadleyLakes have a good lead at the moment, but a match is never won until it's lost!”

A member of the public overheard the NPower Barrister talking to NPower's Solicitor saying "I thought we were doing quite well, up until now, but now I am not so sure".


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