22nd December 2006

Just when we were in the midst of Christmas Present Shopping, Wrapping paper and ordering turkeys, a small notice in the local paper almost escaped attention. 

What it did say was that there was a dirty great hole needing to be filled in Sutton Courtenay and the owners of the Hole, Waste Recycling Group, had applied for planning permission to extend the time given to fill the hole and to increase the number of lorry movements to achieve their ambition to fill a huge void, which, they apparently, underestimated in size.

Strangely this planning application was destined to slide through, possibly as a delegated decision, with no mention of the fact that it had been made clear by SRL that this hole existed and why hadn't Oxfordshire County Council examined the evidence when they KNEW in JULY 2006 that there was alternative dumping space to the proposed Radley Lakes.   NPower did have an alternative, but of course, it would cost them a little bit more.

NPower told the County Council there was nowhere else.  Sutton Courtenay Site was needed for municipal waste when all the time they were sending some of their waste there, obstensibly as a capping material, but in reality as an alternative dumping ground because they had run out of space on site and their ability to dump at Radley was being delayed by our Campaign.

All the specious arguments by NPower have come tumbling round their ears.  There is space next door to the  power station - which is were the waste was originally intended to go - and now Oxfordshire County Council are finding themselves with another Planning Application being disputed by the might of the Save Radley Lakes Organisation.

All they have to do is make WRG take NPower's waste at a reasonable cost so that the Radley Lakes can be saved for future generations.

Please write to the Planning Officer and say you object to the proposals by WRG to increase lorry movements on the road to satisfy their commercial venture, and insist that any planning approval should incorporate a requirement for the whole of Didcot's Ash output to be accommodated up until the time the Station closes in 2015.

22nd December 2006

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