On Saturday 20th August, following feedback from people who visited our "Show-NPower-how-to-do-it-Exhibition" in Radley, Save Radley Lakes, decided to mount the exhibition of Photographs, (all of which were taken in the area of the Thrupp Lake and Bullfield Lake (Lakes E and F to the Orcs of Mordor)) in the Guildhall in Abingdon. 

The Council Chamber is up the flight of stairs from the main street, in a very impressive room hung with chandeliers and Old Masters.  Under the gaze of these august personages, the Hall shimmered with the colours of the hundred and fifty or more photographs which had been assembled and mounted on the Exhibition Boards generously loaned by Abingdon Camera Club. 

Very Important People came to see the Exhibition and were amazed at the wealth of beauty that was on the doorstep of Abingdon Town. " How Could NPower do this?" was the oft-heard cry.  The Mayor of Abingdon, resplendent in Gold Chain came to inspect the Exhibition and was delighted with the Photography but not so delighted with the "Death and Destruction" panel, which photographs kindly donated by Mr. Ray Faulkner, showed the extent of the operations to fill Lakes H/I and J/P.

The Water Vole came to lend a hand and decided that some additional publicity was required so placard in paw went off round the Town Centre to whip up a bit of local support, aided by the Town Crier because Vole only had a squeaky voice.

The team who opened the exhibition at 10.00am were more than pleased with the interest the exhibition generated.   Within a short space of time they had talked to over a hundred people and the Action Group has swelled its ranks with another fifty-three members.

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