Our chart shows how people are responding to our Campaign



Our Campaign Team have been out every weekend since the end of July campaigning in various places.  This is the result of their efforts and shows and enormous growth in membership week by week.  Whilst NPower have put their application into abeyance we are devoting our energies to petitioning and thus the number of new members will be seen to level off.  This does not mean we are sitting back doing nothing, it just means we are intent on doubling the signatures on our petition.  We currently have over 5000 signatures from all over the country.  People like us who feel there are alternatives and big businesses have been let off the hook for too long as regards their pollution of the environment. 

Didcot Power Station might threaten their workers with redundancy if they can't burn coal.  This is blackmail.  They are contracted to supply so much electricity to the grid, and instead of using other means, NPower are burning cheap coal.  This produces the ash, and they have only just put into operation their ash benefication plant - why only one plant?  They have room for more?  The money they spent buying Lake £ could have gone a long way to further machinery to clean up the ash for recycling.