One of the supporters of Save Radley Lakes has been busy enlisting support from members of the public who have been using the Lakes for recreation over the last twenty years or so.

With the knowledge gained from the Trap Grounds "Town Green" process, the supporter in question has lodged an application with Oxfordshire County Council to have the area declared "a Town Green".

If the application is successful, then development of the site will not be allowed and Thrupp Lake will be saved. It is likely that one of the landowners, at least, will object and the matter may need to be decided in the courts.


Jo C, who has used the lakes for recreation for many years, ever since her children, now adults, were born, has been a tireless campaigner against the Power Station's disposal of ash from the start. She is outraged that a huge corporation like RWE can ride roughshod over the wishes of local people in this way and has vowed to fight them to the bitter end!

That Application has, in December 2006, been accepted by Oxfordshire County Council and now goes to the next stage.


27 October 2006

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