Town Green Meeting

9th February 2007

Jo Cartmell has been working like a beaver with her friends to get the Town Green Meeting into people's minds and what a result!  The hall had chairs for about 50 people but nearly four times that number turned up, some couldn't get in the door because it was so packed.  Such is the feeling about the Radley Lakes in this community. 

NPower don't realise what a hornet's nest they have stirred up.  People who thought the Save Radley Lakes Campaign had died when the planning permission had been issued were now being alerted to the fact that the Campaign is still alive and kicking and hoping to kick NPower into touch once and for all.    Read a full account here

This Corporate Bully imported Security Guards who wear balaclavas and strut menacingly around Thrupp Lane trying to intimidate supporters of the SRL Campaign.  It seems, for recreation in the small hours, some mindless moron has been taking pot shots with a gun at the geese on the lake.  No doubt this unintelligent creature believes he is at risk from Bird Flu because they are within proximity.  The Police were called and strangely, the Security Guards claimed to have heard nothing.   Must be the extra thick balaclavas they are wearing.


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