On a boiling hot day in the centre of Oxford, twenty people assembled under Carfax, having taken extended lunch-hours to process down Queen Street to the County Hall.

Led by The Water Vole, the procession earned cries of recognition as people shopping spotted the banners and realised there was something unusual afoot.

Vole was clutching her tail, as being two thirds of the length of her body, this was in danger of serious accident by the supporters of Save Radley Lakes who were following close behind with their placards and banners.

Having reached the cool quad of County Hall, the assembled party waited for the appointed time to meet the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Steve Hayward who had kindly agreed to receive the Save Radley Lakes Group Objection.  Whilst waiting, one of the members struck up the Anthem (with apologies to Her Majesty for appropriating the tune) and earned some interested glances from the staff of County Hall who were returning from their lunchbreaks.

Vole presented her own objection.   The Chairman of Save Radley Lakes Group formally lodged the Group Objection with Mr. Hayward, asking him to consider carefully the contents, comprising 104 pages which had been put together over the last three months by a team of dedicated volunteers.  This is the same Steve Hayward who was to vote against Save Radley Lakes in July 2006.  Witney Voters - take note of the man who would prefer to see Big Business have their own way against the views of the Community!!!

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