Save Radley Lakes Campaign Story




What is all the fuss about?



Background to this Campaign


Our Opponents Npower believe in Low Cost Coal power generation

The people involved



Is it a case of

not in my back yard?


Why are we so concerned?


Where is my

back yard?

WHERE ARE THESE LAKES? with links to Maps


via the Radley Village Website


Didn't NPower

withdraw their application?

They did and left it in abeyance as a threat to OCC that they would revisit it.

NPower devise new Planning Application




Why don't you.....





Write to NPower?

We did, and got no sensible answers.  We tried writing to them

in German but they sent the letters to Didcot to Answer. 

What did work was to ask people to switch Power Supply

Raise a Petition?

Petition - 2005 - now delivered  

However, local schoolchildren have taken over this aspect. 

They are very concerned about the loss of an area where they play

and they are making their own petitions. 

NPower are not happy about this because children have a

great deal of influence with their parents.


Contact the Government and Opposition

We did, and Michael Howard, Anne Widdecombe and Bill Wiggin supported us.

Dr. Evan Harris similarly supported us but we got most help from Bill Wiggin.

Response from Bill Wiggin MP (then Shadow Minister for the Environment)

Since David Cameron's tenure, no assistance has been forthcoming.

The Government themselves batted letters between their various departments,

DEFRA to DCLG and back again, each declaiming the other responsible.


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Useful background information


The 2005 Campaign Story

SLR   2005/6 REPORTS

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Dinosaur Didcot


Light Projection This is the most radical action that SRL has undertaken.  However, our members have been classed as terrorists by RWE NPower, and on the basis of very dubious reporting by the Security Guards at Sandles, NPower were able to obtain an injunction against six named individuals, five of whom are not members of Save Radley Lakes.  One is, and is an eminently respected scientist.  Such is the malice demonstrated by NPower which has caused the person involved extreme personal anxiety.  

This is the Dinosaur Power Station that NPower are using to reap huge profits from the exploitation of cheap coal.. They have piled up 300,000 tonnes of ash apparently on the site in one year, despite their plans to OCC saying that they will need Lake E until the end of the Power Station's life in 2015, which they estimate to be filling at the rate of 50,000 tonnes a year. 




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