Pulverised Fuel Ash





Is it Waste or Not?


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PFA being delivered in the form of a slurry to Lake H/I


Is it Toxic?

The ash on its own is not especially toxic.  However, when it is turned into a slurry which is the method

which Didcot use to deliver the Ash to Radley, it takes on a different complexion.

For further information on this matter you are advised to read the Technical Report. (Link to the Reports page for the latest updated PFA Report)

Does it Pollute?

For information on this question, please read the Technical Pollution Report (PDF Format) and the Technical Pollution Survey Report which are to be found on the Reports Page


Why not recycle it?



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Didcot Power Station

say there is no alternative

We say differently.


PFA Why Didcot haven't proved over-riding need (PDF format)



Graph showing ash production and disposal either by landfill or ash sales.  Note the gap between the red line and the top of the bar in 2005.  This is when the stockpile was allowed to build up to scare Oxfordshire County Council into believing there was  a danger that the power station would stop generating because they had no where to put their ash.  Then, when they had nowhere to put their ash, they had to recycle the ash.



What Other Power Stations do


Fiddlers Ferry Power Station have recently signed a deal with Rocktron to recycle their Fuel Ash.  One of NPower's Stations, Aberthaw, piloted this process and it was successful.  A Company was formed to process the ash, land was acquired and then NPower pulled out because they didn't want to put up the money. Instead Aberthaw's ash goes to a quarry locally where it is causing problems there for local people.  At the Planning Meeting in July 2006, Mr. Hobson avoided answering the question "What about the Rocktron Process"  He said "We have looked at all the options and none of them are suitable"  What he meant was we looked at all the options and found the cheapest.


Why don't Didcot do this?


They blame the Government* but it hasn't stopped Fiddlers Ferry Power station from entering into a joint venture with Rocktron.

There are other Companies who do similarly, so there is a choice for them apart from dumping the ash to landfill.

*PDF format document "Questions to ask Government"

Other useful Information

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