Annual General Meeting of Save Radley Lakes
7.30pm – Friday 27 June 2008
Hadland Road Community Centre



1. Welcome and apologies

2. Minutes of last General Meeting held on 25 May 2007

3. Report by the Chairman on campaign progress to date

4. Financial Report by the Treasurer – see Annexe A

5. Proposed amendments to the constitution – see Annexe B

6. Appointment of Executive and Officers:

i. To reaffirm the current constitution of the Executive as follows:

1. Dr Basil Crowley (Chairman)
2. Dr David Guyoncourt (Vice Chairman)
3. Mrs Lynda Pasquire (Treasurer)
4. Mrs Jo Cartmell (Secretary)
5. Mrs Marjorie White
6. Mr Roger Thomas
7. Dr Peter Harbour
8. Mrs Elizabeth Edgecombe
9. Mrs Alison Prewett
10. Mrs Annabel Eyres

ii. To consider other nominations as may made at the meeting

7. The future of the Campaign – a report by a member of the reappointed executive.

8. Future Events and Fundraising Activities

9. AOB

10. Next Meeting

Annex A: To be Made Available at the Meeting

Annex B: Proposed changes to constitution:

1. Clause 16:   

The division of responsibility between the Treasurer and Secretary
shall be amended as follows [See note 1]:
Secretary whose duties shall be to administer the day-to-day business
of the Group, to record the minutes of meetings, to arrange meetings
and to distribute agendas of forthcoming meetings to members. The
secretary is also responsible for maintaining a membership mailing list
and for official communication between the Executive and the General
Treasurer whose duties shall be to administer the financial and legal
affairs of the Group and to provide the Group with a regular Statement
of Account. The treasurer shall also be responsible for maintaining the
membership list.

2. Clause 47 shall be deleted and replaced by the following new Clause 47 [See

Any uncommitted funds remaining at dissolution shall be donated to
one or more charities, or asset-locked organisations, with similar or
comparable aims to those of The Group, as shall be decided by the
Group at the time.

3. Clause 48 shall be amended as follows [See note 3:]

The provisions contained within the Constitution may be revoked or
altered by a majority of not less than two thirds of the members of the
Group present at a General Meeting where there is a quorum,
provided the following procedure is observed:
Proposed by:
The current Executive Committee

Explanatory notes:

  1. This now specifies that the treasurer is responsible for administering the legal (as well as financial)
    affairs of the Group. Note that this does not confer on the treasurer a power to take decisions on these
    matters. The responsibility is principally one of communication and oversight, and to ensure that the
    Group meets its legal and financial responsibilities. This is in line with current practice. The
    membership list is linked to the payment of subscriptions, so it is logical that the Treasurer should
    maintain the master copy.
  2. This replaces a previous clause to denote residual funds to the Thrupp Conservation Group, which
    currently does not even exist. The new clause is fairly standard and provides greater flexibility. Note
    that there could be tax implications if any such donation is not made to a charity. “Asset-locked” means
    that the money can lawfully only be spent on furthering the aims of the organisation to which it is
  3. For clarification.



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